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In 741 CE Xuanzong fell deeply in love with a woman called Yang Guifei who was hitched to at least one of their sons.

Yang left her husband and moved in to the palace that is imperial Xuanzong. He neglected their duties as emperor even further with this love affair and decided to anything Lady Yang asked. She began with tiny needs, which he granted, and these expanded into bigger demands him to promote members of her family to important positions even though these people could not do the jobs until she got.

The emperor suspected absolutely nothing and placed great trust in Li-Linfu. In 737 CE Consort Wu died and Xuanzong withdrew further into their pleasures that are own left the business of government to Li-Linfu. Xuanzong had over four thousand of the very most women that are beautiful to your palace for his pleasure and kept them imprisoned there to entertain him. Many of these women had been nothing, nonetheless, when he saw the main one that would be their true love and who would help hasten the decrease associated with Tang Dynasty as much as any plan Li-Linfu may have devised.

All the reforms that are important progress Xuanzong had made began to unravel due to the fact members of Yang’s family abused their positions and neglected their duties. All this time, Li-Linfu was making his own policies and Yang that is promoting family whatever comfortable jobs they might spend him for.

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