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Let me make it clear more about g d or Ambiguous Experiences of Fetishization

The 3rd group of themes reflects TGNB participants’ general positive or ambiguous experiences of being fetishized. Individuals often described the episode in which these were subjected to fetishized sexual attention in positive or ambiguous means. The experience of fetish was framed as a part of their kink sexual practice and thus they viewed the experience as positive for a few participants.

I’m into kink so it is frequently fine. I really do get upset about straight men lesbians that are fetishizing. (White, nonbinary, pansexual)

One participant described the feeling as g d since it allowed them to own more sexual attention than before.

Everyone loves realizing that other femboys are masturbating in my opinion, the same as I masturbate in their mind. Seriously, I do not know very well what’s bad about being fetishized, as it’s a million times much better than once I had been a standard guy that is straight no females ever revealed any intimate interest after all. (At worst I’m averagely appealing because i am maybe not fat, perhaps not unsightly, and I also have actually a complete tresses) (White, femboy, heterosexual)

Another participant described experiencing the additional attention that is sexual of when presented as feminine.

I get a lot of sexual attention from men, and I enjoy it when I crossdress. (Hispanic/Latin, male, fluid)

Finally, a transgender woman described fetishization as an optimistic experience, particularly because her interactions are not restricted to intimate objectification as being a transgender individual; instead others’ fascination with her s ner or later extended to her as a whole person.

I became among a space that is safe fetishization wasn’t the conclusion of their attention in me personally as an individual. Yes, I happened to be “the transgender girl” nonetheless they in later interactions were respectful of me personally as an individual.

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