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Expand the monitor so you can read the log messages easily. This process nearly always starts with an unexpected app crash as we’ll see below. Think of debugging as an opportunity to fill gaps in knowledge.

Your phone can only act as a storage device , just like a USB stick or an external hard drive. I don’t want to remotely start a download on my PC but download the game directly to my phone. Another somewhat fresh release on this list, Subnautica has already made waves despite having only dropped in January of this year. You’ll explore shallow reefs, dangerous trenches on the seabed and everything in between, all the while managing your precious oxygen supply. By far one of the oldest games on the list – well, that is if you consider 2013 old – Valve’s MOBA , Dota 2, is still one of the most addictive titles on Steam. It’s also the only game on this list that’s free-to-play, so you don’t even need to have a healthy bank balance to enjoy its addictive battles.

  • Terence Lee of Hitbox Team also mentions that the Humble Bundle was a success for their game Dustforce, even after the bundle ended.
  • Click on the app,you will find the install option there click on it,your installation process will start and wait for few minutes to complete installation.
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While remotely installing Google Play Store apps is extremely easy, this isn’t the same with installing APK files. Fortunately, there is a third-party cloud based mobile management tool that lets you install APK files on your Android phone wirelessly. SureMDM is a mobile device management tool that not only lets you install APK files, but also lets you track, locate and monitor your Android device. Aside from that, it also lets you lock your device and send messages from it.

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As Manymo has shut down their services completely, it’s time to find a new alternative to Manymo. If you are looking for the free online android emulator, then this is it. TestObject is a cloud-based Android Emulator that is pretty similar to Manymo. To start using TestObject, all you want to do is create a fresh new Test Object account, drag and drop the APK and finally start using it.

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If you have a newer Sony Xperia phone, there should be an icon on the home screen. Otherwise, from your phone’s browser search for Fortnite Android and go to Epic’s website. Tap the yellow Download button and follow the prompts. By the way, on a Mac of PC, you can go to Epic’s Android page and use the QR code to get the same APK file.