Pulmonil Gel

Bronchodilator and Bronchial Spasmolytic for Horses

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is a sympathomimetic amine that acts on b2 receptors from bronchial muscles. It is highly specific, and its main effects are spasmolytic and bronchodilator actions. It is able to stimulate bronchial cilium movements, which facilitates expectoration and consequent catarrh elimination.

Product indication

Due to its spasmolytic and bronchodilator ability, it is indicated to treat respiratory diseases characterized by bronchial spasms. It is an adjunctive treatment of respiratory diseases, such as pneumonias and bronchitis, and can be used as prophylaxis of allergic reactions caused by environmental allergenic agents (hay dust or sawdust). Clinical assays showed marked improve in cases of pulmonary hemorrhages.

Assurance levels for each 100 mL

Clenbuterol Chloridate……………………………………….2.0 mg
Excipient q.s. ……………………………………………….100.0 mL

How to use

Basic dose: 0.8 mcg/kg of body weight twice daily – which represents 5 mL of PULMONIL GEL for each 125 kg of body weight, twice daily. A dosing meter contains 4 mL of PULMONIL GEL.

Treatment Duration

Treatment duration fundamentally depends on disease-related factors, etiology, overall animal status, and clinical setting, which can only be assessed by a veterinary doctor.

For clinical assay-based guidance, we recommend up to 2-week treatment for acute conditions, and up to 4-week treatment for chronic conditions; for horses with hypersensitivity to environmental agents, we recommend PULMONIL is used every time the animal shows allergic episodes.


Do not give the product to horses intended for slaughter for human consumption.

For competitions with anti-doping tests, it is recommended that product use is withheld 7 days before.

Side effects

Exceptionally sweating can be noticed in the neck area due to transient peripheral vasodilatation.


Due to PULMONIL GEL antagonism with prostaglandins and oxytocin, it is recommended to withhold its use in pregnant mares within one week before the foreseen delivery date. Since corticosteroids can possibly potentiate peripheral vasodilatation effects, their association with PULMONIL GEL is not recommended.

Sales under prescription and administration under the Veterinary Doctor instructions.

How supplied

Plastic vials containing 500 mL.