Hemolitan® Gold

Aids in the improvement of nutritional condition
and the formation of blood cells


Hemolitan® Gold is a product for general improvement of the condition of
small animals by presenting important nutrients for metabolism and for
blood ells, as well as helping to keep them whole and healthy, as it is rich in
polyphenols and vitamin C. With its innovative formulation, Hemolitan®
Gold provides the body with immediate and prolonged energy, with
optimum palatability, providing quick in recovery and practicality of use. MAIN ADVANTAGES • Presence of important nutrients for blood cell metabolism;
• Rich in vitamin B12, folic acid and chelated iron;
• Chelated minerals 2: 1 – high bioavailability;
• Polyphenols and Vitamin C: antioxidant activity;
• Glucose, fructose and maltodextrin: immediate and extended energy;
• Excellent palatability:
- Liquid: rapid acceptance;
- Tablets: bacon flavor.


For improvement of the nutritional state of small animals. Rich in vitamins,
minerals and energy, it is important for metabolism and formation of blood
cells. Also indicated for aiding growth and development of companion


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Liquid: To be used via oral route pure, added to food or drinking water.
• Dogs, Cats, Mustelidae and Reptiles: Initial dose: 0.1mL per kg of
body weight (or 2 drops), twice per day. Maintenance dose: half the
initial dose.
• Birds and Rodents: Initial dose: 1 mL (or 22 drops) diluted in 500mL of
drinking water or 4 drops in 100mL, once per day. Maintenance dose: half
the initial dose.
• For dogs, cats and mustelidae administered orally: Initial dose: 1 tablet for
every 10kg of bodyweight, once a day, up to the maximum daily dose of 4
tablets. Maintenance dose: half the initial dose. The doses may be divided
into two equal parts and administered twice per day.


•Bottles containing:
- 30mL (dropper bottle);
- 60mL (dropper bottle);
• Bottles containing:
- 30 tablets.

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