Aminomix® Pet comprimidos

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Aminomix® Pet comprimidos (tablets) provides a practical way of applying daily doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The version in the form of tablets facilitates dosing and acceptance by the animal.


Supplementation of amino acids, vitamins, macro and micro minerals for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, mustelidae and rodents. It helps to improve the nutritional quality of food, helping to supplement critical phases in breeding (growth, development, gestation, lactation and geriatrics).


To be used directly via oral route or together with food.
Dogs, cats, mustelidae and rodents: 1 tablet per 5kg of body weight, once per day.
For animals over 20kg: administer 4 tablets per day.
For animals with a body weight up to 2,5kg: administer 1/2 tablet per day.
Administration may be divided into two times per day.



Vitamin A (Min.) 3.049,5 UI
Vitamin B1 (Min.) 1,69 mg
Vitamin B12 (Min.) 0,6 mcg
Vitamin B2 (Min.) 2,16 mg
Vitamin B6 (Min.) 1,10 mg
Vitamin C (Min.) 5,35 mg
Vitamin D3 (Min.) 142,5 UI
Vitamin E (Min.) 6 UI
Aspartic Acid (Min.) 3,45 mg
Folic Acid (Min.) 1,47 mg
Glutamic Acid (Min.) 9,90 mg
Nicotinic Acid (Min.) 20,29 mg
Alanine (Min.) 10,35 mg
Arginine (Min.) 8,7 mg
Biotin (Min.) 0,03 mg
Cysteine (Min.) 0,12 mg
Cobalt (Min.) 0,02 mg
Copper (Min.) 0,01 mg
Choline (Min.) 10,84 mg
Phenylalanine (Min.) 2,1 mg
Iron (Min.) 0,18 mg
Glycine (Min.) 27,3 mg
Histidine (Min.) 0,6 mg
Iodine (Min.) 0,01 mg
Isoleucine (Min.) 1,8 mg
Leucine (Min.) 3,6 mg
Lysine (Min.) 18,3 mg
Magnesium (Min.) 4,29 mg
Manganese (Min.) 0,02 mg
Methionine (Min.) 19,95 mg
Calcium Pantothenate (Min.) 1,27 mg
Potassium (Min.) 1,96 mg
Proline (Min.) 17,7 mg
Selenium (Min.) 0,01 mg
Serine (Min.) 3,45 mg
Tirosine (Min.) 0,45 mg
Threonine (Min.) 1,5 mg
Tryptophan (Min.) 0,14 mg
Valine (Min.) 2,4 mg
Zinc (Min.) 0,005 mg
Calcium (Max.) 83,85 mg / (Min.) 75,6 mg
Phosphorus (Min.) 48,45 mg


Bottles containing 120 palatable tablets