João Carlos Ribeiro

“The Vetnil dream was born in Brazil to produce veterinary products of consistent quality and price in the market. With this aim, we won an important place in the market and we are confident that we will conquer many others. Much work lies ahead, but perseverance, dedication and humility are important predicates to the quest for improvement, which is infinite.” João Carlos Ribeiro (in Memorian)

Vetnil was conceived by veterinarian Dr. John Carlos Ribeiro and began activities in May of 1994 in Louveira(SP). Based on research on nutrition for horses, the product line, which is unprecedented in Brazil, became a leader in its market and is recommended by top veterinarians, breeders and trainers in Brazil.

Since 1998, Vetnil conquered the pet market with the characteristic quality of its products, which have become excellent choices for veterinarians and farmers. In 2000 the company entered into the market for farm animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry.

In 2003, Vetnil started the implementation of a bold project, the “Prescription for the Future”, which aims to honor future veterinarians and more than 100 institutions in Brazil. This contact with the academic establishments allow for a constant exchange of information and enables future professionals to learn more about animal health products and therapeutic innovations.

Currently, the emphasis is not only in Brazil, since the company is present in major industry events abroad and exports to over 13 countries, including Angola, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

The Vetnil Diference

Vetnil is recognized for developing solutions that meet the needs of the veterinary market. In recent years, the company launched high technology products in the Brazilian market, the result of its own research and development, especially in the lines of supplements, such as the JCR Super Premium line of supplements, and the latest GOLD line of supplements for small animals.

In drug lines, the highlight is the Condroton oral and injectable (Regenerating Articular), in addition to ointments and gels (Gel DM, Alantol, furanyl and Ice Pan) and other medications, such as Pulmonil and Bionew. Today, the full line of Vetneil products has over 90 products.

Concerned with the quality and efficiency of the products it offers, the company performs various laboratory and field tests before selling them. To do so, has the parceri with several universities, breeders and associations.

In recognition of quality and innovation, Vetnil has won major awards throughout its history, as “The best company in the sector of veterinary products” Best Yearbook published by the Agribusiness – Rural Globe in 2006 and 2011, “Best Companies to work “published by Time Magazine in 2006,” The fastest growing company in the veterinary sector in 2005 “released by the 2006-2007 Annual Review, among others.

With the mission to advance solutions and ensure customer satisfaction, offering innovative products and always seeks to exceed the expectations of consumers. With the basic values companionship, professionalism, integrity and humility, Vetnil want to produce more and better quality veterinary products at prices compatible with the market.

A Vetnil

Our Mission

Anticipating solutions in animal health and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Offering innovative and essential solutions, surpassing the expectations of our customers.


Determination, fellowship, organization, professionalism, dynamism, respect, communication, humility, innovation, commitment, professionalism and integrity.